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More Arctic Films on the Radar: Im Einsatz für Eisbären

September 12th, 2009

Maybe it’s Knut‘s influence. Over the last few months, several German-language films about the plight of polar bears in the wild have hit both the television market and the big screen.

The latest film to come across my radar is Im Einsatz fur Eisbaren, featuring the German actor Hannes Jaenicke. Jaenicke travels to the Canadian Arctic to investigate the threats, including climate change and hunting, facing polar bears in the wild.

Eisbären Können Nicht Weinen

September 10th, 2009
A mother bear and her cub check out an AK expedition

A mother bear and her cub check out an AK expedition.

Here at Arctic Kingdom, we’re proud to collaborate with filmmakers from around the globe. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with with Thomas Behrend of Blue Planet films on his German-Language film Eisbären Können Nicht Weinen (or Polar Bears Don’t Cry). The film is currently playing at Germany’s Green Screen Festival, where it is up for a Jury’s Special Award.

This is the second of  Blue Planet’s Arctic films to receive acclaim. Das Abenteuer der Eisbärenkinder (The Adventure of the Polar Bear Cubs in English), which was also filmed with help from Arctic Kingdom, won the Magnolia Award at the Shanghai TV Festival in Singapore, as well as the “Bester deutscher Film Naturvision” in Neuschönau, Germany in 2008.

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