Shooting commercials in the polar regions offers stunning scenery and strong association and product validation with the most rugged environment on earth. The challenges of getting large products such as cars on site can be significant but Arctic Kingdom will advise on locations accessible by road, on potential ships or icebreakers or cargo airplanes which can deliver product to the best area for each commercial. Arctic Kingdom works with advertising and marketing agencies to ensure creative visions are understood and the best locations and approaches selected.

Shooting opportunities for product with blue ice, snow, icebergs, midnight sun, sandstone cliffs, sea ice, pack ice and the floe edge where solid sea ice ends together with snowmobiles, dog teams, arctic camps, igloos with Inuit or Caucasian models may filmed with hot air balloons, helicopters and potentially combined with wildlife. We work with agencies to prepare the briefs and storyboards and help move from concept to screen!

Advertising, Expedition Sponsorship & Event Marketing

Advertising can take many different forms. From competitions to sponsored expeditions to the filming of product, whether in the field or in the studio, Arctic Kingdom can assist with all your Arctic filming or Arctic equipment needs.

The possibility for sponsored extreme sporting events in the Arctic is unrivalled. Possibilities include everything from climbing icebergs and cliffs to extreme skiing, snowboarding, telemark, ice sailing, snowyaking, skijoring, dog sledding, snow shoeing, snowmobiling, kite skiing, ice windsurfing and ice sailing, and then kayaking, sailing and even water skiing in the brief summer months.

Arctic Kingdom rents expedition gear, such as tents and a variety of custom Arctic equipment for international and Canadian film crews to use in the field. Need a -100 tent in Hollywood? We can get it to you next day!

We can also set up “Arctic-like” camps in more southerly latitudes in Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia), in northern US areas (Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota) and in northern Europe (Scandinavia).

Whether filming in the Arctic, simulating it in the South, or staging it in a studio – Arctic Kingdom can provide the Arctic equipment, as well as advice for a stunning set and maximum product exposure.