Arctic Kingdom leads expeditions for documentary and feature filmmakers, adventurers and scientists throughout the arctic, with a special expertise in the arctic’s large marine animals. The company was started in 1999, maintains equipment stores in more than half a dozen arctic communities and has operated across the northern hemisphere from Alaska to the Northwest Territories and from across Nunavut (Ellesmere/Devon/Baffin/Hudson Bay) and Nunavik to Greenland and Svalbard. The company has also started to expand operations into the Antarctic.

In the field, Arctic Kingdom works closely with elders from the closest arctic communities and complements their traditional knowledge with extensive coordinated logistics, modern equipment, and professional teams. As the world’s only operator to have run expeditions focused on every arctic animal, we also have extensive experience with adventure sports, including diving & snorkeling, ice climbing, kayaking and snowmobiling. From light camps transported by dog team through luxury camps with technical production facilities and from supporting helicopters in the field to delivering major equipment by Hercules, Arctic Kingdom is at the cutting edge of what is logistically possible. As modern explorers, we have proven many new technologies such as flat hulled airboats powered by airplane propellers during breakup of the sea ice, generating oxygen in the field to support diving rebreathers or deploying large zodiacs from Twin Otters. The highest levels of safety are maintained by well trained staff, the most modern communications, traditional knowledge of the land, field hospitals, and portable hyperbaric chambers.

Arctic Kingdom has worked with many national broadcast and top nature and current affairs production companies including: National Geographic, OLN, Discovery, BBC (UK), NDR (Germany), Globo (Brazil), Quatro (Spain), TF1 (France), and MBC (Korea). Arctic Kingdom managed all of the arctic locations shot over three years for the recent Disney Nature feature film Oceans. Arctic Kingdom provides the guidance, planning, equipment and coordinated operations to safely work and explore the arctic to support projects that advance our common knowledge, understanding, appreciation and protection of this very special region.

What Clients Say

“Just wanted to send a quick note thanking you all for your incredible diligence, patience and support in producing our project. You all responded so quickly to what I know was a tight turn around and delivered on all fronts. It was a pleasure collaborating with you and I look forward to working together soon in the near future.

I will most certainly be following up with photos and further discussions but just wanted to let you know right away…the filming of this project would not have been possible without you.”

-Brüdder Productions