Arctic Kingdom can provide or recommend professional production personnel in both the US and Canada with extensive polar and cold weather filming experience. Whether filming for TV or the big screen, from underwater to the air, and whether union membership required we can build a team to meet any requirement. We work with professional aboriginal camera crews as well and look for opportunities to develop and use local expertise whenever possible. Local guides are always a core part of our team and ensuring everybody is properly dressed, equipped, fed and safe always remains our top priority to keep the crew functioning to their highest possible levels.


Dressing models and actors from head to foot is critical for the realism and imagery. Arctic Kingdom can provide modern space age parkas, pants and moon boots or complete dress in traditional Inuit furs.

We have consulted to puppet makers on the manufacture of polar bear paws and elaborate arctic puppetry and can provide specific photographs and advice from our extended arctic network.

Studio Outfitting

Although Arctic Kingdom specializes in bringing people to the arctic, we can also bring “the arctic” to the people when filming scenes for movies, commercials or television shows. All of our expedition equipment is available for rent to production companies for use on studio sets. We are the world’s only company to offer such a wide array of tents and camp equipment gathered from around the world. All of our gear is available on short notice without lengthy purchasing and manufacturing lead times.

Whether selecting a combination of tents for symbiotic color schemes or for a particular “look” or camp size or space requirement, we can recommend and supply the right gear to provide the backdrop and completely authentic imagery for an arctic set even if located only minutes from the beach!