Arctic Kingdom is pleased to have assembled and offer what we believe is the world’s most specialized collection of polar equipment available commercially. We bring together the best technologies and suppliers from polar programs around the world and customize many products to make them relevant to the polar environment. For every group size, logistical constraint, and season, we have different solutions and take great pride in customizing each plan to best meet the specific requirements for every project.

Professional Accommodations

Film crews have a job to do and must get a good night’s sleep and be able to relax and unwind before and after work. We understand that professionals require comfortable accommodations to do their job and come to do a job, not to run a camp. We take great pride in offering accommodations which are typically far more comfortable and luxurious than the closest hotels or motels and offer everything from private shelters through divided rooms which can accommodate up to 8 people per shelter. We provide a level of accommodation of sufficient comfort that union workers will happily stay on location during mandatory days off and pilots, under government regulations, can get satisfactory statutory rest to allow them to be based at the camp.

Talent & Celebrity Accommodations

On screen talent and some celebrities may not be comfortable with any notion of “camping” no matter how deluxe. Arctic Kingdom can provide rigid igloo domes with solid walls, door and double windows. Mattresses, heaters and even indoor fire places together with en suite bathrooms, sink and shower are available. From delivering key talent by helicopter or VIP tracked enclosed vehicle to first class field accommodations, Arctic Kingdom can look after the most discerning people at the ends of the earth.


A comfortable dining and lounge environment to relax in with tasty meals, snacks and wide selection of hot and cold drinks is essential to relax before and after work. Arctic Kingdom takes great pride in staffing our kitchens with experienced cooks and world class chefs and can provide every level of cuisine and cater to unique dietary requirements. Multiple cook teams can provide meals around the clock as needed for different teams filming at different times of the day and can also provide remote hot meals at the filming locations. From flying in fresh foods to restaurant quality meals, we can provide everything from dried food to gourmet.


Comfort is not limited to accommodations but also how the crew or talent move around the local environment. Arctic Kingdom provides vehicles for all seasons and can provide VIP transportation from private bush planes and helicopters through luxury enclosed vehicles. Arctic Kingdom has pioneered new technologies for comfort such as installing suspension seats in sleds behind snowmobiles and the use of airboats during times of thinning or breaking ice.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount and from clean drinking water and safe food to polar bear fences and monitoring to the quality of the guides and the strength of the accommodations in foul weather, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of safety and care.

Field Post Production

When filming in the field, it is vital to check rushes and ensure proper color correction as well as possibly send rushes back either physically or electronically over satellite. We can provide black out tents for a viewing theatre and editing suites to ensure accuracy of color corrected monitors. Our shelters may weigh many hundreds of pounds and protect millions of dollars worth of camera equipment and post production equipment from potentially severe weather. From conditioned power supply for sensitive electronics to special cases for field transport and delivering the most valuable equipment by air directly into camp, we can ensure that everything the production requires is available and working exactly like any studio.