Feature Films

Motion Pictures

Filming a feature film requires large crews, tightly coordinated with huge amounts of equipment. All must be coordinated and every minute counts. The arctic has, until recently, not been very practical for such shoots because of complexities from freight to accommodating large groups. Arctic Kingdom is the world’s first and only company to specialize and have a proven track record coordinating and running every facet of large features in the arctic and has redefined the possibilities for cutting edge producers and directors to access some of the most spectacular scenery, wildlife and environments in the world.

Although the arctic is typically expensive compared to other destinations on a piece-meal basis, with new never-before-offered logistics, the arctic can be amazingly accessible to large crews specifically because of the volume and scale that a motion picture demands. Direct flights from LAX or any major airport in North America, Europe or Asia can carry the entire crew and required film equipment straight to the film location. From a 727 or 737 split passenger/freighter combination aircraft to a Hercules or Antanov cargo plane, getting the crew and film gear straight from the closest airport to camp can save days of travel time, many nights of hotels and meals, multiple leg freight bills which not only add up but also incur significant equipment rental charges while in transit and crew salaries. For longer shoots, indirect flights may reduce the number of available filming days based on union labor requirements and in the arctic every filming day must count. From preparing landing strips straight in front of camp to landing at the closest arctic airport and transferring immediately to camp by bush plane, such as a Twin Otter or Basler DC3, can make it possible for any aircraft to land within close proximity to the selected filming location(s). Getting the entire crew with all of the film equipment on site in one day has never before been possible and greatly reduces the logistical costs and financial risks of shipping people and gear through standard freight channels and commercial passenger flights. Arctic Kingdom can also run multiple camps in one or more regions to provide alternate landing areas, wildly different scenery and provide the ability to change plans and shot lists based on weather conditions to take advantage and maximize every filming day.

Arctic Kingdom can also coordinate routes and suitable landing areas for lear jets and arrange transfer to camp by helicopter to bring celebrities on site in comfort once the sets are ready. Luxury camps with VIP accommodations ensure comfort and a good rest for talent and crew while the world’s best clothing and gourmet food keeps everybody warm, comfortable and able to work harder and longer to get the shots. Arctic Kingdom has tested US Military base camp tents in the high arctic under the most extreme conditions, resulting in design changes which have proven these tents as secure, dry and reliable under gale force winds. Very strong shelters provide safe post-production facilities and protection from the elements for millions of dollars of sensitive film equipment.

Arctic Kingdom works together with communities throughout the arctic and organizes guides, actors and extras anywhere in the arctic. We have worked with many very experienced production companies and film professionals and can recommend or organize cameramen, crew or an entire production company that has significant arctic filming experience with us. We also collaborate with scientists and military and occasionally have access to especially unique sites and can occasionally reduce budgets by sharing aircraft or camps between unrelated projects. Not all shots will be done in the field and we provide the same field equipment for use in the studio so the set exactly mirrors what was used in the great outdoors.

Motion pictures are demanding under the best circumstances and Arctic Kingdom understands that every second costs and may make or break the success of a shoot. From location advisory and film scouting to direct international passenger and cargo flights straight to custom prepared luxurious camps with gourmet meals to aerial filming support, couriers for film rushes to handling every safety and production issue through tax credits and labor rebates, Arctic Kingdom is the arctic fixer and location management company with a track record to deliver the logistics at an unrivaled level to enable the world’s major studios to obtain fantastic results in the most amazing new locations never before accessible on a reasonable budget.