Field Services

Script review and analysis

Arctic Kingdom’s team is available to get involved early in the development phase and can provide feedback on the script and recommendations for potential filming locations and seasons. Alternate approaches and ways to combine filming locations to reduce costs are explored. Initial budget ranges can be established and Arctic Kingdom can provide additional supporting materials on the logistical plan which may be helpful if financing is not fully committed.

Location scouting

Our reach covers both the northern and southern polar hemispheres as well as “polar-looking” locations from the Great Lakes in winter and from Labrador to the Rockies. Arctic Kingdom can reduce location scouting budgets with an extensive collection of photographs of dozens of arctic communities and locations. We can also suggest new locations and alternate locations worth comparing. Whether doing scouting on behalf to clarify options or to provide more specific storyboards, we can do so independently or bring along representatives of the production.

Arctic Kingdom can provide a level of consistency across multiple locations and is an independent advisor to select the best locations for the specific project requirements. Even when scouting new locations, we can offer objective comparisons against other areas that we are familiar with without incurring the expense of scouting such locations. We specialize in going off the beaten path and have the experience to select and organize scouting by Twin Otter to visit many locations in a compressed time or to spend significant time in one area to assess the overall likelihood of particular events of conditions.

Scouting is a valuable tool for large projects that wish to ensure and personally verify all decisions in person before bringing in large crew and talent.

Location management

Arctic Kingdom’s camps are second to none. From large luxurious tents to rigid igloo domes with real beds, we can provide everything from technical production facilities through celebrity accommodations. Everything from power to sanitation to food is provided for and customized to the tastes and needs of each project. Arctic Kingdom offers an extensive outfitting catalogue and a proprietary project planning process to define and customize everything required for a home away from home.


Permitting requirements may be fast and easy or extensive. Import and export permits, archeological permits, research licenses, land use authorization and national parks permissions are just a few of the processes that may be required for remote film projects. Arctic Kingdom can assist to help ensure proper permitting, saving expensive delays or possible cancellation.

Field safety

Safety in the field is everything. Arctic Kingdom combines cutting edge technologies, well trained and experienced specialist staff together with the most knowledgeable guides from the closest communities. From food safety to bear safety to medical attention and care there are many vital areas to be managed for the health and safety of the crew and project.

Clothing rentals & sales

Arctic Kingdom maintains a fully stocked warehouse and can outfit film crews typically within days for all conditions. We take great pride in dressing everybody from head to toe for every season and type of activity and environment.

Production equipment rentals

World class production equipment is available from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and can be brought in from Los Angeles and New York when necessary. We can assist finding specialized film equipment as close to the filming location as possible to minimize freight costs and rental time.

Unique land vehicles and capabilities

Arctic Kingdom has developed and pioneered many innovative vehicles for both logistical and filming purposes. Whether using a large inflatable boat to transport fuel or to support a heavy boom, our equipment is useful for many purposes and can be custom configured for unique filming applications.