Financial Services

Script review and analysis

Arctic Kingdom offers a unique field planning and costing service and will work as part of the production team to find logistical approaches, locations and combinations of scenes to make filming as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Budget optimization & management

Arctic Kingdom will try to optimize budgets across a production wherever there may be duplication of services and will seek cost savings through shared efficiencies whenever possible across multiple shoots from a single project or together with unrelated industrial or scientific projects. Once in full operations, Arctic Kingdom will manage budgets daily to ensure they are maintained and any divergence or alternative options are discussed and agreed to keep a tight hold on expenditures and avoid surprises.


Arctic Kingdom is able to credit back the Canadian Government Sales Tax (GST) for international film productions, saving 5% of the production budget.

Labor tax credits

Arctic Kingdom works together with the production to recuperate labor tax credits at the provincial, territorial, state and federal levels. From preparing contracts and supporting documentation, we can make the process manageable and make every dollar go farther.


Arctic Kingdom works closely with production on any research and development for one-of-a-kind film equipment or cutting edge prototypes. Scientific support programs may provide financial support for such development and Arctic Kingdom can help define what may or may not be eligible and what documentation is required to obtain such financial support.

Government Support

From regional and national tourism organizations to film commissions and economic development, there are many groups with a vested interest and desire to support the film industry. Arctic Kingdom will actively seek such support.