With new never-before-available logistics, the polar regions can be amazingly accessible to large crews specifically because of the volume and scale that a motion picture demands. Direct flights from any major airport in North America, Europe or Asia can carry the entire crew and film equipment straight to the filming location. From a 727 or 737 split passenger and freighter combination aircraft to a Hercules or Antonov cargo plane, getting the crew and film gear straight from the closest airport to camp can save days of travel time, many nights of hotels and meals and multiple freight bills for each leg which are not only costly but also incur equipment rental charges while in transit and additional crew salaries. For longer shoots, indirect flights may reduce the number of available filming days based on union labor requirements and in the polar regions every filming day must count.

From preparing landing strips straight in front of camp to landing at the closest arctic airport and transferring immediately to camp by bush plane, such as a Twin Otter or Basler DC3, can make it possible for any aircraft to land within close proximity to the selected filming location(s). Getting the entire crew with all of the film equipment on site in one day has never before been an option and greatly reduces the logistical costs and financial risks of shipping people and gear through standard freight channels and commercial passenger flights. Arctic Kingdom can also run multiple camps in one or more regions to provide alternate landing areas, wildly different scenery and provide the ability to change plans and shot lists based on weather conditions to take advantage and maximize every filming day.

Complete Solution

We believe in providing for and managing all facets of a project. When certain aspects of a project are already well addressed, we can handle individual parts, but we are absolutely capable and prefer to be the sole point of contact and ultimately responsible for a project in its entirety. We take great pride in looking after every single aspect of a project.

Examples of these aspects we manage seamlessly and efficiently are as follows:

  • Contingency Management
  • Mechanical Issues
  • Customs & Brokerage
  • Fuel Reservations & Caching
  • Camp Equipment
  • Local Hiring
  • Clothing
  • Community Relations
  • Carnets & Freight Bonds
  • Firearm Licenses
  • Emergency & Evacuation Management

  • Weather Issues
  • Freight Shipments
  • Flights & Aircraft Charters
  • Land Vehicle Procurement
  • Camp Operations
  • Specialized Personnel
  • Permitting
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Work Visas & Border Clearance
  • Environmental Impact
  • Food Shipments & Resupplies

Arctic Kingdom shows a single pride of ownership in the entire operation. We deliver seamless operations and proactively minimize the impact of unforeseen problems from weather or subcontractors through planned back ups and our extensive network of providers. We are capable of and enjoy managing all facets of a project and it is through this approach that we can ensure that when short-term problems inevitably arise, that we are in a position to handle them as effectively and quickly as possible. The success of a project without equivocation is always our goal and our deliverable.

The Polar Logistics Network provides organizations with on-line project planning tools and provides competitive freight rates and optimized aircraft charters by aggregating institutional and commercial requirements. The network's volume and collaborative systems provide members with cost savings, access to greater resources and improved efficiency.