Whether filming an Arctic documentary dramatization on location, simulating it in the Rockies or Great Lakes, or staging it in a studio – Arctic Kingdom provides the gear and advice for a stunning set and smooth operations.

The docudrama genre may combine aspects of historical and current events re-enactments. Especially challenging, natural Arctic documentaries need to film enough animal and wildlife behaviour to portray the animals as characters and create an emotional connection for the viewers.

Other aspects of Arctic filming of a historical docudrama require the use of actors; involve additional elements such as underwater filmmaking for shipwreck sites; or need historians to ensure accuracy.

From providing historical props and clothing, organizing a film crew, finding specialists, to the most challenging job of bringing natural historical cinema vérité to life, Arctic Kingdom brings it all together seamlessly.

Natural History

The bar for Natural History programs is increasingly rising. Between the tremendous number of high-quality productions and increasingly high expectations for viewers to be amazed and captivated both the quality and subject focus must be extraordinary to capture the viewers’ and broadcasters’ imagination. At the same time, stock libraries must be re-filmed in high definition for use in HD projects and increasing opportunities exist for independent filmmakers to fill in missing pieces of larger productions if shot in HD.

Arctic Kingdom has worked almost every year on Natural History shows and appreciates the investment, risk and stakes riding on every shoot. We have searched the world for the best spots to film specific types of animal encounters, behavior, predation and nurturing and take factors such as animal behavior, weather, water clarity and natural constraints that affect behavior into consideration along with many others. We have designed many custom filming tools from towers to cages to railings and blinds and continue to add new custom tools and techniques every season. We work with producers and directors to try to maximize filming potential and define contingency plans to benefit from even marginal days in as many ways as possible.


The docudrama may combine aspects of historical re-enactment or recreate recent events. Especially challenging Natural History Docudramas attempt to film enough animal and wildlife behaviour to use the animals as characters to create an emotional connection with the viewers. Historical docudramas may use actors and many additional elements such as underwater filmmaking for shipwreck sites or historians to ensure accuracy. From historical props and clothing to the most challenging job of bringing Natural History storyboards to life, Arctic Kingdom can make it possible and seamless.

Whether filming the real thing in the arctic, simulating it in the “South” or staging it in a studio – Arctic Kingdom can provide the gear and advice for a stunning set and smooth operations.

Cinema Verité

Cinema Verite is an older genre of modern day reality TV where the cameras follow an adventure as it unfolds unscripted and based on how people deal with the obstacles and challenges that are presented.

There are few more challenging areas than the arctic and the “behind the scenes” of any film project is always an interesting project in itself.

There are many modern day explorers who are pushing the limits of human endurance attempting to ever cross longer and wider areas of the arctic unsupported. To film such attempts in a way to bring the true extent of the adventure back to the masses requires a level of support and infrastructure that can not always be quite so portable. Arctic Kingdom can provide staged support to follow such adventurers without slowing them down.


Underwater Filming is one of the most equipment intensive and specialized types of filming in the arctic. Filming the ice from below, icebergs, creatures such as whales, walrus and even bears or the macroscopic live provides for endless possibilities. Whether filming underwater for natural history or recreating scenes as part of a documentary, docudrama, reality TV, movie or travel show, Arctic Kingdom has the experience to look after everything.

Arctic Kingdom has worked with many of the world’s top underwater photographers and filmmakers and provides everything from tanks, weights and compressors to safety equipment, safety divers, topside tenders and even underwater cameramen if desired. We can provide additional divers to handle underwater lighting or to act as a double. We have many experienced instructors on staff to teach or ensure experience amongst all people in the water and can provide one-on-one instruction if and when necessary in advance and on site.

Sometimes the best underwater filming is done from the surface and we can also provide specialized equipment for pole camming.

Travel Shows

Arctic tourism is still in its infancy with very few people having ever considered such a trip. The arctic is not a single destination but an enormous region and offers as much diversity across different seasons as any large region such as Europe or the Americas.

Travel Shows frequently combine a story on getting to the location along with commentary on the local peoples, food, travel, accomodations, animals or activities that are possible and different options that viewers may consider.

The arctic is a new frontier with enough possibilities for an entire program to focus just on different arctic locations and seasons for many many episodes. Arctic Kingdom can help suggest a number of different locations that may be interlinked to produce more shows on a single trip and can provide introductions to key people in each area and help organize for time out on the land experiencing what each unique area has to offer. We can occasionally help with reduced rates or subsidies from Tourism Departments or key suppliers and work with each show to get as much as possible out of each arctic shoot.


During Arctic filming, Arctic Kingdom can look after both the international and Canadian film crews and contestants within the context of the cinema verite or reality TV programs.

Reality TV takes contestants out of their element and forces them to face challenges that stretch their comfort zone, and to create alliances and conflict. The isolation of the Arctic is an unrivaled setting for Reality TV, with the region’s elements and the landscape frequently creating unscripted challenges. The diversity of new and interesting things to eat is incredible, and the difficulties that the climate always creates test both individuals and the group as a whole.

With our knowledge of the Arctic, Arctic Kingdom can suggest many shocking, challenging and awe inspiring situations and possibilities that will occasionally repulse, sometimes horrify and often amuse both participants and viewers of Reality TV alike.